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Topeka Youth Wind Ensemble Janaury 29, 2014

The 2014 Topeka Youth Wind Ensemble is a one-day event held on Wednesday, January 29th that features the finest high school instrumentalists in the Capitol region. This year's guest clinicians are Richard and Barbara Lambrecht. These two wonderful directors are members of the Texas Bandmasters Hall of Fame and collectively have over 100 years of teaching and performing experience. Their bios can be found by clicking their names.  

To apply and audition for the TYWE, complete the application below and you will be contacted about how to audition. Live auditions will be held in various locations and recorded and Skype auditions will be available to students outside the Capitol region. Required audition materials are listed on the form. Application Deadline is Friday, January 4, 2013.


TYWE Students will have the opportunity to:

  • Rehearse and Perform with other outstanding music students
  • Perform great literature led by energetic and experienced conductors
  • Receive applied instruction from the professional Washburn faculty
  • Hear the award-winning Washburn Wind Ensemble
  • Learn more about how to continue their musical experiences after high school 

For more information, email

2014 TYWE High School Roster

Congratulations to all of the wonderful students who auditioned.  Below you will find the roster for the 2014 Topeka Youth Wind Ensemble (High School Division)  Flutes, Clarinets, Alto Saxophones, Horns, Trumpets, and Trombones will audition for chair placement the morning of rehearsal.  All other sections will be seated as listed.



Anna Ahrens, THS

Morgan Davis, SHHS

Laura Emmett, TWHS

Nicole Gentry, THS

Cassidy Harden, Seaman

Helena Howell, THS

Sarah Morgan, SHHS

Rosalind Nichols, THS

Brenda Noble, WR

Margaret Reynolds, TWHS

Keyri Serrano, DHS

Michelle Sieve, Seaman

Taylor Smelser, THS

Erin Sullivan, DHS

Jaycie Thaemert, DHS

Sage Tichenor, Seaman

Rebecca Townsend, Hayden



Kyler Weingartner, Seaman

Helen Pepper, Leavenworth



Aimee Hanson, Leavenworth

Drew Fugate, WR

Emily Rosebrook, WR



Hannah Baeten, Seaman

Bethany Bircher, TWHS

Jenna Brunkow, THS

Parker Campbell, SHHS

Emily Casteen, WR

Jordan Crader, SHHS

Kristina Hernandez, THS

Dakota Jeter, SHHS

Madison Kerr, DHS

Carolyn Kimball, SHHS

Ashley Klemme, THS

Kyle Loewen, WR

Jonathan Opila, Leavenworth

Alyson Ransom, Leavenworth

Christina Rogers, Leavenworth

Jessica Stanton, DHS


Bass Clarinet

Hannah Overbey, Leavenworth

Rebecca Herring, TWHS

Austin, Rosencutter,  Seaman

Kenzi Woodbury, WR


Contralto Clarinet

Victoria McMaris, SHHS


Contrabass Clarinet

Janessa Poole, WR


Alto Saxophone

Brett Broadbent, Seaman

Ashleigh Crawshaw, Seaman

Sienna Haynes, SHHS

Nathan Opila, Leavenworth


Tenor Saxophone

Zerul Keulina, THS

Hunter Evans, WR

Alex Ogan, Seaman

Josh Habig, SHHS


Baritone Saxophone

Crystal Raub, THS

Tanner Meinholdt, Seaman

Samantha Wright, TWHS



John Baeten, Seaman

Nicholas Paul Beasley, WR

Sarah Birdsall, WR

Brenner Burkholder, WR

Daniel Hendricks, TWHS

Marshall Hopkins, Leavenworth

Kenzie Kimble, WR

Abigail Miller, WR

Molly Mulqueen, Seaman

Gabe Washburn, SHHS

Megan Wilkerson, DHS



Kyle Allison, Leavenworth

Jessica Brumson, Leavenworth

Brendan Clark, Seaman

Scott Johnston, SHHS

Andrew Horvath, TWHS

Peter Latendresse, Seaman

Jacob Letch, TWHS

Jacob Meyer, Seaman

Blake Morrell THS

Drew Perkuhn, WR

Joe Ruiter, Leavenworth

Erick, Sherman, DHS

Cameron Smith, THS



Jacob Bures, WR

Jarred Collom, Seaman

Brett Evenson, TWHS

Nathan Henderson, Seaman

Kedzie Hopkins, Leavenworth

Aaron Malsom, WR

Mitch McKinley, WR

Victory Rose, TWHS

Joshua Staniec, TWHS

Bryce Teaford, Seaman



Garrett Fairchild, SHHS

Dawson Johannes, Seaman

Evan Sullivan, DHS

Maggie Murphy, WR



Ethan Aubrey-Mitchell, DHS

Justin Carson, Seaman

Corey Halseth, WR

Ike Hedquist, THS

Alex Horvath, TWHS

James Lucatero, THS

Nathan Lundin, Seaman



Elaina Bargas, THS

Tracy Bell, TWHS

Jacob Belleau, SHHS

Dulce Cortes, THS

Mike Devoe, Seaman

Kristin Fisher, WR

Blaine Fry, TWHS

Charles Fry, TWHS

Zaid Gratz, DHS

Drew Hafling, WR

Paul Priddy, Seaman

Emma Stockton, TWHS